A significant proportion of fresh exterior air and alleviate carbon dioxide buildup  occupants experience better health and performance gains studies.

Have shown a direct link between co levels and short-term sick leave in office workforces however our concerns regarding the HVAC system and occupant health do not end here in heavily.

Air-conditioned energy-efficient environments recirculated conditioned  air can carry contaminants which contribute to respiratory illness it is the HVAC systems job to remove contaminants and dust from.

The air using filters at various stages as important  as this consideration is in an average office or commercial building.

This feature is critical in facilities that contain clean rooms medical facilities or hazardous material finally with the spiraling cost of fuel  HVAC systems must also.

Be efficient and economical energy efficient HVAC systems might incorporate variable air volume designs components designed for.

operation at low pressures digital control systems mechanisms for  reclaiming heating or cooling benefits from recirculated air